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The 1st Corporate Member of IAIA in Middle East

EIA Partnerships


Whether you are investors, business leaders, entrepreneurs, CEO of a company, GM of industry, official governmental officers, environmental consultants, or environmental consulting firm, we definitely can help you in a matter of environmental impact assessment services.


Integrity to three parts

For those who are seeking the lowest prices of services (the lowest bids/offers) to get EIA services for only the sake of legislation/permissions. Unfortunately, we would say “this is not the right place for them”. It is a matter of trust in the quality of our services. We rely on our triangles of trust: 1) between us and the client (who seek the services), 2) between us and the governments of the people (who may give permissions based on the outcomes of our EIA reports), and 3) between us and the community (where the project may cause a negative or positive impact on them). Therefore, it is not an easy matter to execute EIA services to a client. We cannot only think of the client and forgetting the community and the governments.
For us, EIA is not a way to get the legal permission to launch your activity. It is a matter of trust between us and our three angles of trust. What we are going to provide to our clients [in terms of EIA services] must not harm the communities and manipulate legislations and governmental bodies.
However, our team works with our clients to help them to eliminate or change or reduce the negative overall impacts of their projects whether it is a cement factory or a power station or a sea-port…etc.