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The 1st Corporate Member of IAIA in Middle East

Join OUr network of Consultants (NOC)

Join Us as an environmental consultant in our NOCs

How Our Network of Consultants (NOCs) WORKS?

Impact Assessment Limited Corporation (EIA Ltd. Co.) seeks consultants (on a short-term contracts) in the field of environmental impact assessment studies. 

The Concept of our Network of Consultants (NOCs): 

EIA Ltd Co. engages experts under individual contracts to work on short-term projects (Environmental Impact Assessment Projects) as consultants. Those consultants would work temporary on projects (This is not a full time or part time job). The nature of the work is consisted of results-oriented tasks such as: writing a report or analyzing data or surveying sites or reviewing a report, or other EIA related tasks. 

The nature of our EIA reports need so many consultants in so many areas. Each consultant would cover a small task in his own field of study, another would review, third would combine, analyze, and edit. However, some of our EIA reports would hire above a hundred of consultants. 

To illustrate, for one mega EIA project, we might hire more than a hundred consultants from our Network of Consultants (NOCs). The type of projects are varied from very small plant or industry or mechanical workshop to build an airport or seaport or establishing an industrial city or establishing a resort island. 

Our Types of EIA projects

The environmental experts/consultants might work in one or more of these types of EIA Projects:

Power plants, Airports, Oil refinery station, Infrastructures, Agricultural projects, Bridges and Tunnels, Chicken Farms, Jewelry workshops, Food Industry, Storages Fertilizing industry, General Workshops, Mining activities, Oil & Gas Field Exploration, Livestock farms, Railways construction, Central Malls, Parks, Resorts, Hotels, Seaports, Gas stations, Incinerators, Landfills, Plastic industry, Packaging industry, Petrochemical industry, Slaughterhouses Tanneries, Steel industry, Pesticide industry, Wastewater plants...etc

The Application Process of Our NOCs

The Application Process & Criteria:

1) Applying, (Consultant Role)

 2) Paper screening, (Our HR role)

3) Interview Screening, (Our HR role)

4) Signing a MOM, (Consultant Role)

5) Listing as a consultant in our Network of Consultants (NOCs), 

6) Offer a results-oriented contract, (Our HR role)

7) Sign a contract for each task or sub-project, (Consultant Role)

8) Submitting the deliverables, (Consultant Role)

9) Reviewing the deliverables, (Our HR role)

10) Accepted & submitted the payment and closing the project, (Our HR role)

11) Going back to process number six to give a new offer for a new project. (Our HR role) and so on.

Further illustration of the processes: 

After submitting the application (1) and passing the screening processes (2, 3), the individual would be listed in our Network of Consultants (NOCs) (4). EIA Ltd Co. is working on establishing its own network of consultants (NOCs) in the various environmental impact assessment fields. To build a trust between the individual consultants and our Company, a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) for Cooperation shall be signed by the two parties (5). 

When a project (i.e., environmental impact assessment project) raises in the field of one of our consultants. A draft contract would be sent to the specific consultant with full description of the tasks, time, nature of deliverables and the payment (6). Signing a consulting contract between the two parties is essential to start the project (7).

After submitting the report or the task (as in the contract) (8), a reviewing process would be conducted (9) to approve the task and submit the payment to the consultants (10). 

Payment Modality:

Payments under the contract shall be delivery based and be made on receipt of the specific milestone deliverable reports [or tasks] indicated in the contract. These shall be made upon approval by the chief of Network of Consultants (NOCs). Upon receipt of final comments, the consultant shall finalize the report [or tasks] for formal acceptance by our team at which point the final payment shall be released.

Payment methods: PayPal, Credit Card, Bank Check, Back Account Transfer.

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